Friday, 23 October 2009

What If You Earn $1 From 100 Different Streams?

You will remember the old saying that do not put all your eggs in one basket, although this saying is old fashioned, it really carries its steam to-date. It makes sense to spread your earnings as this will distribute the risk involved. So when things go wrong with a single stream, you will still be sure of receiving continuous income from rest.

The result is that your lifestyle will not change as you may seek to adjust your lifestyle following the disruption that might have been caused. However, most importantly, internet shoppers find it less risky and comfortable to spend little money on Internet shopping. It should therefore be the goal of every Internet marketer to align their money making strategy with the consumer spending attitude in mind.
Without going too far, just consider your shopping habits. Would you be prepared to trust a stranger and above all a person that you have never seen with $1000 or $10? The answer obviously is the former. That is exactly how every Internet consumer will behave. So given the limitless market on the internet, the best strategy for you to make money online is targeting to earn $1 at a time.

If you plan to earn $1 from a single stream per day you will earn $365 per year. But if you work hard and diversify your business so that you have 100 streams each bringing in $1 per day that will mean that you earn $36,500! This is not bad income at all and moreover, if you establish you formula of making $100 a day, you can use the same formula to make $500 or more per day.
So then, get your pen and start writing down a list of your dream and above all, put it in practice immediately. Good luck.

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