Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fast Cash Review Sites

One of the best ways to make money online is through review sites. Just think about it. When was the last time you made a major purchase without first checking out a few review sites on the web?

Say for instance there was a new diet plan you were thinking of signing up for. Wouldn’t you take a few minutes of your time to run a search for some diet plan reviews?

Of course you would. Because one of the ways consumers feel they can protect themselves is through getting real feedback about an item. As affiliate marketers we can leverage that to our advantage. It’s not even that hard. If you pick a good niche an affiliate review site can make you a lot of money for a very long time.

You buy a domain that relates to the product you want to promote, set up a very simple blog page and give the item a nice little review. Google LOVES review pages. Google LOVES sites that give consumers true value.

Now I am not saying that you should go setup a bogus affiliate review site. Honestly if you are going to promote a product you should really learn everything you can about it. You should, I would hope, actually believe in the message that the product is pushing. Every product I promote I either personally own or have gone out and gotten real consumer feedback about so I can give an honest assessment of it. For you affiliate review site to be successful honesty is key.

Consumers are savvier than you think.

If your “review site” is really just a sales page in disguise they will figure it out and they WILL NOT purchase from you EVER. That’s right. You can easily lose a customer for life if they feel like you are lying to them through a fake affiliate review site.

Personally I am a firm believer that review sites are one of the best ways affiliate marketers can make money on the web. I am also a pretty big advocate of simplicity in business. I do not like overly complicated business plans and ideas. I guess you could say my motto is “keep it simple stupid.” That’s why I recommend getting your hands on a system or program that automates a lot of the process involved in setting up your affiliate review site and creates some of the marketing material for you.

If you can afford it I recommend you purchase a good affiliate marketing system designed specifically for creating review sites. There are some really good programs out there. If you do not have the money to spare on one of these programs then look around for a nice generic template that is better than the “out of the box” templates that come with a lot of blogging or content management systems. The default templates are far too ugly to ever solicit any sales. If you are using Wordpress for your review sites, which I highly recommend you do, search for ‘free Wordpress templates’ and you will find a lot of high quality stuff.

The advantage of going it alone to make your affiliate review site is that it will not cost you a penny. The disadvantage is that it will take you a lot longer to set up successful campaigns. The plug-n-play systems you can tap into usually provide you with not only the websites and templates for your review sites, but a lot of the marketing materials as well.

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