Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Make Money Programs Online - Are they Scams?

If you are interested in make money programs online, the first question that will probably arise in your mind is, “Are they scams? You have most likely asked this since you are reading this article. Good for you. Read on.

There is no doubt that there is money to be made on the Internet. Those stories you hear about stay-at-home moms who earn money while still being able to spend time with their children is true. Those people who make money doing something they love online is also true… a lot of the time. But these people had found make money programs online that work. The rest who are not so lucky or smart, only wind up getting scammed and dismiss the whole thing.

The real issue then, is how to tell which make money programs online work and which do not. Unfortunately not everyone in cyberspace is honest or trustworthy. Like you, they want to make money, but they do it through deceit and illegal means.

It is very important to research make money programs online before you commit to (or worse, pay) anything. Here are some guidelines.

1) Do a keyword search. This should always be the first step. If you come across a specific program that attracts you, or even a particular web site, Google it. When you do, go to “unofficial” looking web sites that discuss it. This may include sites that don’t have those keywords in their domain names, a forum, or a make-money article like this. See what others are saying about it.

2) Listen to word of mouth. If make money programs online really pay off, people will tell about it. And if they don’t pay, people will also talk about it. Ask your friends, or go online.

3) Pay nothing. If they ask you to make a payment to them first, it is probably a scam. You are there to make money. Why in the world would you have to pay first?

4) Check watchlists and directory listings. Some web sites serve as portals with listings – and ratings – of make money programs online. They give you feedback and information on the program you are curious about. The Better Business Bureau or BBB is there to protect ordinary folks like you from getting scammed.

Beware of these red flags:

1) Payment upfront required. Dead giveaway.

2) Supposed “testimonials” of satisfied customers. There is no way you can verify these. Better ask real people.

3) Promises of “make money fast and easy without knowing anything,” etc. Yes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

4) Promises too much money for too little. If you are comparing several make money programs online and one seems to offer much more than the others, be warned. There may very well be something fishy going on.

Above all, do not disclose your personal information – name, address, credit card or social security number – unless you are absolutely convinced that the program or web site is safe and genuine. You can make money on the Internet. But not everything that glitters in cyberspace is gold. So be very careful.

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David Chin said...

This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black?!