Monday, 16 March 2009

You can earn money online

Before we dive in real stuff if you do not have time to read this whole article now, but you would like to make some money, you may go straight to Make money working online but please, book mark this page and come back later at your convenience to read on.

It is very possible to earn extra income in the comfort of your home with online paid surveys but you need to know what surveys will be profitable. Not all online paid surveys will pay what they promise, so you really need to choose and pick on the basis of reward and time taken by any given survey otherwise a lot of them will end up wasting your time for for nothing.

How much do surveys pay?

My experience with online paid surveys reveals that around 10% of all these surveys can earn you enough for pocket money or even supplement your income although they won't make you rich. Around 90% of the so-called online paid surveys will merely pay you any where from £0.50 to £1.50 for a survey that takes you a whopping one hour or even more!

Who is behind surveys?

The fact that has not been revealed to many of you is that surveys are like a game with several players involved. First, there are companies that want you to tell them about their products so as to develop or improve on their products.
Then there are survey agencies many who are middlemen and a lot of whom you always come across as they are mostly the ones contracted to carry out surveys.
And Finally, it is you the consumer who is the ultimate target. The middleman i.e. survey agencies are paid by product owners who in turn pay you for your time. Many of these agencies now aim at selling their data base of surveys! You have probably heard this on the net again and again but I want to repeat it here that, do not part with your hard earned money to buy the so called paid surveys. I repeat, do not pay. You are seeking to earn money but not to pay someone hiding behind their pc.

So, take your time to understand how a particular survey company or agency works. Online forums are a good way to 'dig-out' surveys that are really genuine and will pay you for your time. Again, not all forums are genuine as a lot of them are merely syndicated to paint a good picture in the name of investigation but in actual sense they are simply 'wolves in the sheep's skin'.

My favorite survey.

My experience with survey is that there are few places where you can earn Cash quickly online but although it will not make you rich, it will surely and consistently improve your pocket money balance. One of my favorite surveys works like this, on sign-up, they credit your account with $5 and almost in the very first week they will email you several paid surveys so that you can start earning straight away. Truth is that some of their surveys require a credit card to complete the evaluation process but that should not scare you because not only do they refund any funds taken but they are also safe to use. For instance, they may send you a survey that earns you $25 and takes fifteen minutes to complete. But before you complete that survey, they may require you to deposit $7 so in actual sense they will have paid you $18. Not bad at all considering most surveys I have come across hardly pay $2 for one hour!! Better still they pay by paypal every 15th and last day of the month and their system is automated although you can request to withdraw your cash manually.
So at least I know for sure that there is some money coming at mid and end of month and this gives me the confidence to continue doing my surveys.
How you can succeed with surveys.
1. Do not waste your time on sweep-takes.
2. Build a profile of credible surveys i.e. never depend on only one survey.
3. Pick and choose depending on reward and time taken to do the survey.
4. Do not pay to access any survey database.

All you need to do is, know how much you want to earn and just start to Make money working online.

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